Dog School

As full members of the IMDT, Leading the way Dog training school is all about, learning, and having fun with your dog. We only believe in positive reinforcement for training, and using force free methods. Dogs learn through association, and conditioning. Positive reinforcement is all about using rewards to reinforce the behaviours that we desire.

We can help you to understand the dog that you have and why they may display unfavourable behaviours or act in a certain way in certain situations. Understanding your dog, without having preconceptions of what they should be like (due to breed etc) is one of the most important things you can do for your dog.

We offer Puppy Classes, Fun Follow on Training Classes, 1-2-1 Training Sessions, 1-2-1 Behaviour Sessions, 1-2-1 Agilty Sessions, and regular Ad-Hoc Workshops. 

To book onto our class, please complete the following form;

Current Classes;

Puppy Class (£80 for 8 weeks)
Saturday am 11-12

Puppy Class (£80 for 8 weeks) 
Wedesday 6.30-7.30pm
Marchwood Village Hall

Follow on Fun Training (£80 for 8 weeks) 
Monday 7-8pm

Follow on Fun Training (£80 for 8 weeks)
Saturday 1-2pm

Trick training (£120 for 6 classes)
Bi-Weekly Training
Sunday 11-12.30

We also offer 1-2-1 training sessions at our home. 

Behaviour and Training Consultations

As members of the IMDTB, the IMDT, and Mentors for the Victoria Stilwell Academy in the UK we are able to help you with any behaviour issues you may have.

We offer a number of different types of 1-2-1 Consultations for you and your dog/s.

1-2-1 Training Session - 

We cover all aspects of general training in these sessions such as;

Jumping up
Loose Lead Walking
Confidence Building
Walking to heal
General Obedience Training

These are held here in our enclosed field and are at a cost of £45, we can come out to you at a cost of £60.

Puppy Consultations 

Our puppy consultations are very popular and we have been told, invaluable in terms of getting a head start. 

We come out to you in your home to meet with you and your puppy, we then discuss;

Toilet Traning
Crate Training
Ideal Set-up
Routines and the importance of a routine
Puppy Biting
Body Language
Reflex to Name
Any questions that you have

As well as some training exercises for you and your pup. 

These sessions are £45 for 1-1.5 hours in your home. 

Reactive Dogs 

For Reactive dogs we are able to work through set-ups here in our enclosed field. We use LAT (Look at that), CC/DS (Counter Conditioning and De-scensitisation) and BAT (Behaviour Adjustment Training) with stooge dogs. We spend time with you and your dog talking about body language, the importance of the environment as well as how you are able to help your dog yourself. 

(We also offer workshops and 1 day consultations for owners of Reactive Dogs through our sister company

These sessions are £45 and are aprox 1-1.5 hours

Behaviour Consulations 

Does your dog;
  • Have compulsive disorders such as tail chasing, spinning or self-mutilation.
  • Have anxiety and fear in certain or all situations.
  • Display aggression towards other dogs or people
  • Show Aggression around food, toys or items
  • Show signs of Seperation Anxiety
Our Behaviour Consultations cover all of the above, we will initially speak to you over the phone, and are likely to request that you have a vet check as any sudden onset of behaviour can be caused by pain or underlying issues. We will then work through a plan together to help both you and your dog. 

Our Behaviour Modification Consultations are £200 this includes:
  • Analysis of Behaviour Questionaire, disussions with your vet (45 mins)
  • A 30/45 minute telephone coversation (30/45 mins)
  • Consultation (usually 1.5-2 hours long) (60/90 mins)
  • Follow up consultation (60 mins) 
  • Full written up report (60 mins)
  • Ongoing Support

*Further Support packages are also availbale

We also run Reactive and Fearful Dog workshops through The Pet Training School ltd, these are interactive workshops whereby you spend 2 days with us and your dogs, working through their issues and using different methods of training to help your dog.