We are Gavin, Jeanette and Jordan, trainers with a passion for dog training, built on positive reinforcement and relationship building

  • We believe in using Positive Reinforcement above any other method of training. 

As members of the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) and the PPG (Pet Professional Guild), We are bound by their ethics, rules and guidelines. 
All of our training is Force Free and Reward Based. We strongly believe in showing dogs what we’d like them to do, and rewarding them for doing so, therefore increasing the likelihood that the behavior will happen again. With Positive Reward based training we can help to change a dogs association with an environment, stimulus, something that they are fearful of and many more.
With proven reward based training we can help set you and your dog up to succeed, our team has a combined 30+ number of years and all IMDT Qualified to a minimum level 3, OCN Qualification
So if your looking for proven dog training methods, that work, then choose Southern Pet Services.