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Behaviour Issues with Puppies

27/01/2020 - Puppies

Lots of issues with puppies biting, pulling on things, jumping up at the lead, looking like they have a lot of energy can be down to them being over tired, stressed or done too much. 

Its so easy to think our puppies need more exercise because they seem very active, when actually they need more down time. 

Think about every experience your puppy has - 

Did they meet anyone new? 
Did they meet any new dogs, were they slightly worried, very excited? 
Did they have to walk somewhere busy? 
Have they been handled a lot? 
Are they going for longer walks than the recommended 5 mins for each month they've been around? 
Are they going on walks they need to cope with rather than enjoy (evening, road walking etc)? 

All of the above can play a huge part in how our dogs feel, stress doesn't have to be negative. If they have been to a busy place, somewhere new etc give them a day or two off. Remember not to do too much with them. If you are walking them quite a bit but they seem to have more energy then potentially they are being walked for too long. 

Settle down with your pup, grab a cuppa and show them its ok to settle. 

Ensure they have a quiet area of the home where they are able to properly rest without having to keep one eye open. 

Stay at home and do some training, play find it games with treats, scatter feed their food. 

Enjoy every minute (try too) as it goes very quickly. 

Please try not to beat yourself up if you are struggling, puppies are not easy and the stress can creep up on us.