Pet Services

Recreational Dog Training (£25 for 1/2 day, £35 full day)

Does your dog need help with their confidence around other dogs or people? Do they need to be motivated to enjoy training? Could they do with learning how to play politely with other dogs? Or do you feel they would benefit from some training? If so then this is the service for you and your dog. Your dog comes to us to spend, either half a day, or a full day with us and we work on the area's of training or confidence building that they need. This service isn't recommended for dogs that are reactive or aggressive towards other dogs, as we would need to work on getting them comfortable around the other dogs, so they enjoyed being here. With the recreational training we will let you know what we have worked on, and what you need to do at home to continue the training.

Recreational Training for puppies (£25 half day)

For puppies, we feel its very important to expose them to a number of different sights, smells and environments in a postivie manner. We introduce them to a number of friendly dogs at their own pace, for some puppies they are only comfortable meeting the older calm dogs initially, and once they're comfortable we can introduce them to some younger dogs. We also have set training sessions with them whereby we work on basic manners such as food manners or not jumping, as well as recall training and duration behaviours. We have helped a number of puppies using this service, helping them grow into confident dogs.

Puppy Exposure Package- £300

The ideal service for anyone with a new puppy. We are very passionate about helping puppies to prepare for the big wide world, and feel it is so important for the puppies to be exposed to a number of sights, smells, sounds and environments in a positive way. We will come out to you initially to discuss basic puppy training, to include Toilet Training, Crate Training, Puppy Biting, Body Language and lots more. We will then take puppy out with us for 10 1/2 days and introduce them to a number of different dogs of differents breeds, shapes and sizes as well as exposing them to the big wide world. The price also includes a 1-2-1 session at the end whereby we discuss the methods of training we have used, and how to continue with the training going forward.

‘New’ Puppy’ Consultation (£45 for initial visit and information)

The most important time for puppy socialization is from 4 weeks onwards. Once you get your puppy its important to expose them to as many different sites, smells and noises as possible, but its very important it is a positive experience for the pup. Being made to do anything they are unsure about, or to have experiences that are negative can have a massive impact on your puppies behaviour as they grow up and when they are older. We are very passionate about giving puppies the best start, and therefore offer a ‘Puppy Consultation' whereby we come out to you as soon as you have your puppy and run through the basics of toilet training, crate training, sit, stay etc. We also talk in detail about body language, what can effect a puppies behaviour, the importance of the environment and how to play and have fun with your puppy. We can then (if you choose to) design a training plan to include classes (£10 a lesson) and discuss dog walking and day care if this suits you and your puppy. BOOK HERE

Puppy Visits – £10 1/2 Hour

​ If you have or are thinking of getting a puppy in the future, or already have your little bundle, then we can visit them in your home, play, do some basic training, feed, water and clean up any mess. We can visit once or twice a day. If they have had their injections we can take them on a local walk. Puppies need company when they are young, it wouldn’t be fair to leave a puppy all day on their own, therefore Southern Pet Services can help you with this.

Puppy/Dog Socialisation – £10 1/2 hr-1hr

It’s never too late to start to socialise your dogs. However it is important that they are socialized with the right dogs and in the right environment, so they learn to play with other dogs. We asses each dog individually and depending on how socialized they are, introduce dogs one at a time that we feel they are comfortable with. We are lucky enough to work with a lot of dogs, and therefore have some great dogs for this exercise.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL OF OUR SERVICES ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY IN YOUR AREA. Please note that we will charge for double time on Bank Holidays