Who We Are

We (Gavin and Jeanette) have been running Southern Pet Services now for 7 years, in that time we have worked with a huge number of puppies, dogs and owners to help them live a better life together. We currently have 70+ puppies/dogs in our weekly classes. We only use Force Free methods of Dog Training, and work closely with a number of other Force Free trainers to ensure the dogs are completely understood as well as given training. 

As qualified dog trainers, full members of the Institute of Modern Dog trainers and Behaviourists (IMDTB), the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT),  a UKCSD Scent Instructor and with a lifetime of experience with dogs we can offer a wide range of services with you having piece of mind that your animals are in the best hands. We have also recently passed a rigorous assesment process to become Mentors for the Victoria Stillwell Academy of Dog Trainers. We have been lucky enough to be on a mentorship programme with Steve Mann, the found of the IMDT, which has been invaluable in terms of training and behaviour, spending a year with Steve and getting work experience in lots of different areas. 

We work very closely with a number of other Positive Reward based trainers and are keen advocates of Force Free Training. 

Our main passion is Dog Training and helping owners to understand their individual dog, and how we can help to change their behavior, as well as giving them an understanding of reasons why the dog may behave in that way. All dogs love to train and play,  even old dogs, we help owners to discover what motivates their dog and how to play with them which in turn increases their bond together.  We can help you with any issue you may have with your dog from jumping up and lead walking through to Separation Anxiety and Aggression cases.

We offer In-House Training Days, Perfect Puppy Packages, Puppy Visits, 1-2-1 training and behavior sessions, 1-2-1 fun sessions for your dog, 1-2-1 Agility classes, Puppy, Obedience and Agility classes. We also run a Trick Training class on a Sunday, as well as Ad-Hoc Nose Work Classes. 

For our Recreational  Day Training and Daycare we are lucky to have an enclosed field so the dogs are able to play with other suitable dogs. We always assess the dogs first to see if a Day Care environment is suitable for them as there are some dogs that would rather not be around other dogs. We  encourage polite play and good social skills for the dogs., and therefore all play is supervised.  We will also spend time training with them, be it nose work, recall, clicker training or trick training we like the dogs to be mentally stimulated as well as well exercised. Its important to make sure dogs are not over exercised, therefore we ensure they have a rest after any training session.

We run 9 classes a week and will be looking to increase these during the year with extra classes for Socialisation, Tracking and Fun Agility. We feel its important to have fun whilst training your dog and we want both you and your dog to enjoy the classes. With 70 + dogs coming to traiing with us a week, you can rest assured you will have fun coming to our classes. 

Meet The Team

   Jeanette, Director

Gavin, Director

Courses and Continued Personal Development (CPD)

  • Mentorship Programme with Steve Mann from Who let the Dogs out and the founder of the IMDT
  • Mentorship Programme with Dave Brice head of Behaviour for the IMDTB
  • IMDTB (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and Behaviourists ) – 3 Day Assessment ***Passed, Full Members***
  • IMDTB – Assessment Prep Day (1 Day)
  • IMDTB – Compulsive Behaviours (2 Days)
  • IMDTB – Separation Anxiety (2 Days)
  • IMDTB – Consultation and Follow up Reporting (2 Days)
  • IMDTB – Resource Guarding (2 Days)
  • IMDTB - Impulse Control 
  • Dog to Human Aggression - School of Canine Science (2 Days)
  • 2 Day Introduction to BAT 2.0
  • Membership Assessment IMDT ***Passed, Full members***
  • 3 Day 2016 IMDT Conference
  • Career as a Dog Trainer IMDT (2 Days)
  • Practical Instructors Course IMDT (4 Days)
  • 5 Day Force Free Trick Trainers Instructors Course IMDT
  • 5 Day Rescue Puppy Course IMDT Spain
  • 5 Day Nose work and Scent Detection IMDT Spain
  • 3 Day Tracking Course IMDT
  • Agility Instructors Course IMDT (5 Days)
  • Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation Course IMDT
  • Perfect Puppy Course IMDT
  • Canine Body Language Course IMDT
  • Happy Loose Leaders IMDT
  • Bite Work Course IMDT
  • 6 Day T-Touch Practitioners Course
  • A number of 1 Day T-Touch Courses
  • Bite Prevention Seminar
  • Modern, Low Stress Handling and Husbandry - Chirag Patel
  • K9 First Aid
  • Proprioception 1 Day Seminar with Sam Turner
  • Pat Tagg - Stuff that gets your dog going
  • Pat Tagg - Tracking Course 
  • 3 Day 2017 IMDT Conference
  • PTSD Therapy Course
  • IMDTB Impulse Control 
  • Karen Wild Seminar
  • Kay Attwood Platform Training
  • PPG - Predatory Behaviour
  • Absolute Dogs Pro Trainer 10 week Course
  • Absolute Dogs Pro Trainer NBN Dogs
  • 6 Day Accredited Scent Instructor Course (UKCSD)
  • 2018 IMDT Conference
  • Isla Fishburn 1 day Course
  • Resource Guarding - PACT
  • Tracking and Scent Course - Pat Tagg
  • Full Members of the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) –
  • Accredited Behaviourist under the IMDTB (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and Behaviourists).
  • UKCSD Scent Instructor
  • Student member of The International Society of Animal Professionals   
  • Mentor for the Victoria Stilwell Academy of Dog Trainers
  • Full member of the PPG (Pet Professional Guild)
  • Qualified as a Pro Dog Trainer through Absolute Dogs
  • Open College Network Level III qualification 'Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour
  • Open College Network Level IV Accreditation under the IMDTB, 'Canine Behaviour Modification and Consultancy'